Vest Solano

Our Team

Founder/ Executive Director: Tanya Brownrigg

Tanya Brownrigg has lived and worked in the community for over 18 years. With over 17 years of leadership experience to include Service Management, Senior Vice President of Operations, Strategic Planning and Director of Admissions and Customer Care. Helping individuals and families is her focus and passion. Tanya is a devoted wife, mother and advocate for women and victims of crime. She believes that change happens when people are given the opportunities and guidance, they need to draw on their own strengths. Tanya has dedicated her life to supporting survivors and educating them about breaking the cycle of violence and understanding intergenerational violence.

Through her work and determination to advocate for vulnerable populations Tanya founded VEST during the Pandemic in 2021 while volunteering as a social worker at the Solano Family Justice Center. During this time, she discovered the gaps in comprehensive and culturally specific services, the need of support groups and domestic violence education for Survivors in Solano County. Tanya designed VEST programs around the Family Justice Center (FJC) framework. Why the FJC? Tanya is committed to collaborative efforts to prevent, identify , and respond to domestic violence. Furthermore, the FJC mode is identified as a best practice in the field of domestic violence intervention and prevention services.

Tanya provides an environment of compassion, empathy and support to help individuals and families overcome obstacles to move forward and thrive. She completed her graduate degree, Master of Social Work at University of Nevada, Reno and graduated from the California State University, Sacramento with an undergraduate degree in Social Work.


Deputy Director: Tashena Lancaster

Tashena Lancaster has experience in finance, human resource, accounting, facilitating organizational business strategies and as a CTEC tax preparer.

Tashena is also a member of the Executive Leadership Team, which is responsible for the sustainability of the organization, including grants management, fundraising, visibility, and ensuring our work aligns with our mission and vision, and helping to promote a positive internal culture at VEST.

Prior to VEST, she worked in nonprofit administration, grants management, human resources, and finance for more than ten years, including serving as the childcare director at an early childhood education program, and an operations director at an at-risk youth service agency, and in human resource management at a public health research and policy organization, and in accounting at a housing development and conservation organization.

Tashena has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus in management. She is a strong advocate for social equality in her community and an active contributor to charitable organizations.

Board of Directors

President: Zina Lee
Secretary: Lisa Hillary
Treasurer: Gerri Jackson-Howard

Zina Lee is a compassionate business owner and resident of Solano County. She takes pleasure in retaining exceptional values with consumer services and strong relationships. She has an extensive background in client care — working with children, adults and the elderly populations. Zina’s start in social services began by working with the developmentally disabled over 25 years ago. At that time, Zina opened her first Adult Residential Facility in Suisun City and Fairfield. Today, she has gained the support and respect of the community and the partners of the Regional Center. Zina continues to be dedicated to providing consumers with a safe place and supporting them in creating a better quality of life.

Lisa Hillary is a passionate Healthcare Worker with a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Services. She has worked in the pediatrics and women’s health division for over 28 years. Lisa’s career and passion for working with women and children commenced when she was a medical assistant for Kaiser Permanente. Over the years, she has moved into healthcare management of pediatrics and women’s health with Kaiser Permanente. Lisa has been a resident of Solano County for over 20 years and continuously contribute to community work for the city of Fairfield.

Gerri Jackson-Howard is a dedicated professional and is committed to social change. She has over 20 years of legal experience at the department of social services with a focus on assisting oppressed individuals.  Gerri is committed to advocating for vulnerable communities to improve their access to much needed resources and support. She is a crucial part of VEST and its succession plan.