Vest Solano

About VEST

What We Do: VEST is a nonprofit organization
that is committed to providing support services
to the members of Solano County

The Victims Empowerment Support Team (VEST) is a nonprofit agency in Solano County that provides resources and support to all Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. The founder of VEST recognized the gaps in services during the Pandemic. During this time, domestic violence went up over two hundred percent in Solano County due to businesses, jobs, schools, and other safe places being closed, and services were limited because of the restrictions throughout the nation. In 2021 VEST was formed in Fairfield, California to assist all victims in need and to strengthen the family units in the community.

VEST’s goal is to inspire every life of those it serves – women, men, teens, and children – who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We do this through empowerment and support services. The agency’s approach was influenced by the recognition that violence is a social issue that affect far more than the individuals that are seeking services; the impact is felt community and generational-wide. If left unaddressed, violence will hinder the strength of the entire community and impede on the positive outcomes of a brighter future. VEST is dedicated to addressing community problems by conveying mobilizing partnership within Solano County and surrounding areas.

The VEST Board of Directors is a group of diverse leaders, providing governance and support to help VEST meet its mission. They are ethical leaders that guide by the belief that everyone deserves a life free from abuse.