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Healthy Relationships Workshops at VEST Solano

The Healthy Relationships Workshops

The Healthy Relationships workshops are designed to assist students with performing a self-assessment to build on basic life skills. Students learn about the importance of self-awareness, personal boundaries, the life-long impact of bullying and emotional management. Cultivating these attributes will help students develop and maintain healthy relationships, boost personal acceptance, increase productivity, and allow students to see things from the perspective of others.

This is an integrative program that includes research-based strategies from various sources with a strengths-based group approach. The program promotes safe and healthy passage through pre-teen and adolescent years for young girls and boys. The workshops include weeks of foundational development, skill-building activities and discussions that improves relationships in a format that interests and engages youth.

VEST’s Workshops operate as a closed group with middle and high school partners.

To request more information about this program, please call (707)247-5521 or email to [email protected]rg.